Awesome Web Icon Set Bundle

Awesome Web Icon Set Bundle

Over 1,000 Unqiue icons for Web Professionals. App Icons, Social Icons, Mini Icons, Payment Icons and more…

The set contains almost every icon you need for designing web application, e-Commerce and general websites. All of them look very professional and modern. And we pay a lot of attention to the consistency of this icon set.

Pictograms can improve the usability and accessibility on your web site. It is a universal language, everyone understands and can read the icons. Here we have over 200 Outline Style Pictograms for you.

Credit Card Icons is essential part of every online-shop. They indicate available payment conditions and purchase options. A uniform collection of glossy, rounded corner payment icons that are both the same size and style.

Whether you are developing software for handheld devices, PDA or mobile phones, Mobile Application Icon Set is very suitable for your need. It makes your mobile software look consistent and feel professional.

Pictogram and Glyphs are essential for every web designer. All of them are vector icons, they are completely scalable, and can be used widely in your user interface, package labels, sticker, mobile apps, and more.

Social Media Glyphs is a most complete set of social media icons for you. It contains 100 most favorite social services and applications. With vector format, you can scale them to any size to fit your design.

This set contains 20 most popular social media networks icons on the internet. The colored logos are immediately recognizable by people. They come with 3 variations: Normal state, Hover State and C State.

The icons are truly drawn by hand, provides a rich pencil sketch feel and will be perfect for designs using sketchy style. You can also combine them with handwritten fonts to add some personal touch to your design.

These amazing icons are designed with portfolio sites in mind. All of them are highly details, and professionally drawn to share colors, style and gamma. They are suitable for personal blogs and portfolio websites.

Icons with subtle touch of overlaying gloss, is to show different status of websites. They are useful in alert boxes, modeal boxes and popups for web applications. They help showing success, failure and other information.

Minimalistic design never goes out of style. These icons will look great with clean and minimal web designs. All of them are monochromatic, you can put different colors, create your own letterpress and different effects.

Over 100 vector glyphs detailing the most common weather conditions. They are very handy when displaying the weather status. They are useful when creating weather forecast mobile applications too.

Country flag icons could be used for allowing the user to either select the language or to access the site dedicated to their country.It comes with Photoshop Shape format, you can scale them to any size to fit your design.

You will find icons which represent some of the most popular transportation like airplane, car, bus, taxi, train and etc. It’s a great way to… Go to store

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