Boot Camp Games for Fitness Bootcamps – Bootcamp Games

Boot Camp Games for Fitness Bootcamps - Bootcamp Games

From: Dexter Tenison, MSS, CFT, Owner of Memphis Adventure Boot Camp RE: Make your boot camp the "talk of the town" by being fun and effective.

Have you ever really thought about why some boot camps are always packed with a huge colossal membership base while others never seem to be able to grow? It is a fact that 50% of people who start an exercise program will drop out within six months.

You see, if you are committed enough to own a boot camp, you are probably what I would consider to be a "gym rat." You are going to work out no matter the condition or how simple it is.

Let me tell you a little secret: most people stop a fitness program because they become BORED! In fact, the newest research in sports psychology journals shows that adherence to a fitness program is solely based on the simple fact that they ENJOYED what they were doing!

Using Boot Camp Game Days have allowed me to retain clients that have been with me every since the very first day I opened my boot camp in 2009. This means that I have a reliable stream of revenue from them and can focus on providing our clients better services and not work as hard marketing my boot camp. This is especially important because it seems like new boot camps and fitness cl es are popping up EVERY WEEK. Luckily, they don’t have the staying power because they simply did not have the "secret sauce" to keep clients coming back for more. Their workouts are as dry and boring as just doing push-ups and sit-ups over and over and over again. Yawn! As soon as they open, they seem to close just as quick. Luckily for me, we wow them and get them to stay, which brings results, which brings referrals.

In a city of 1,000,000 people, you can imagine that there are several fitness offerings such as Lifetime Fitness, YMCA, 24 Hour Fitness, and several other local gyms and health clubs in Memphis. Our "small" studio, which is nothing more than boot camp in a space was voted "Best Health Club" in 2011 and 2013! because of the fun, excitement, and results we provide to our clients. The message was loud and clear to the big boys in fitness that we were getting results and taking names! Since then, all have begun having "boot camp" at their facilities, but none can sustain any loyalty because they lack the fun and excitement we provide to our clients.

In order to have a successful boot camp business in today’s market, you have to set yourself apart from the compe ion. Your boot camp must deliver results, retain clients, and grow from within through client referrals. Boot Camp Game Day is the perfect solution to help do all three. The workouts are progressive and challenging but give the clients the feeling of playing a game with each other or even against… Go to store

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