Create your own Juicing business

Create your own Juicing business

I am not a motivational speaker or a counsellor. I am just an ordinary guy who once had a difficult moment in life. As I was struggling to make ends meet, I stumbled upon the answer to my problems. Let me introduce myself, I’m Jeff Green.

I am not here to make a promise to you like in many online products that just give you false hope and false promises, because I know how disappointing it can be for anyone to be given rubbish but to make a pot of gold out of it. I am sharing with you my personal experience and how I managed to take control of my life, my finances and shape my future by just making small adjustments to my life.

I had a great vision of life but I failed many times in my quest to succeed. There was a moment that I felt like giving up on everything, because I was at the losing end. In short, I got entangled with so many financial problems, unpaid bills and emotional distress that led me to be really unwell until I lost my job. To keep the story short. A miracle happend when I got into juicing. I disliked the idea of drinking vegetable juice since I was a kid. But after drinking it I felt energetic, more focused and alive. I lost over 55lbs in under 3 months and wanted to share this amazing and healthy experience with other people. I decided to go and juice for everyone around the block and make some money. Little did I know, I just initiated a change;a positive change to my life and definitely a positive change to my future and to people around me.

I got out of my financial trouble in just 6 months. I earned good profit of US$100 every day in the first 4 weeks of my life changing journey. My small home based juicing business grew really fast and quadrupled my income in just 3 months.

I wanted to do a franchise of my juicing business system but when I came to think about it, there were so many people out there who may just experience the same problems that I had. Going for a franchise will just take away money and profit from people who had to work hard to earn a living. I should probably get everyone in one place and coach them to have a juicing business from home, but that will be troublesome and expensive. To overcome this problem and to share the same tools that I used to make good regular income and constantly building the market, I put together my experience and the things I did in a straight forward, no frills, no fuss juicing business system. I call it, the Juicing to Profit system. I want you to have the same knowledge and the same system that I have so I am sharing it now with you.

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