Offline Marketing Strategies – Offline Consulting – Postcard Marketing

Offline Marketing Strategies - Offline Consulting - Postcard Marketing

How to use killer postcards together with your own online ‘know-how’ and grab your piece of the Local ‘OFFLINE Marketing Consulting’ Pie (before it’s too late) …

Then some time ago I was checking out a marketing forum that mentioned "OFFLINE Marketing."

You know, stuff like websites, SEO, video, e-mail capture forms, Google Local Maps, PPC, auto-responders, social media marketing like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and more.

And from the looks of it, the ‘OFFLINE Market’ appeared to be wide-open, if… IF… and I mean IF you knew how to first get clients — which seemed like the biggest OBSTACLE for many.

Some did cold-calling, others used email, several sent out letters, a few attended local business groups, and some pounded the pavement.

As much as I liked this whole ‘offline marketing’ thing, there were a couple of areas that concerned me…

It was certainly not one of my strong points (although I was an avid student of ‘marketing strategies.’)

Yet, I was still intrigued about the concept of ‘OFFLINE-Marketing,’ so I tried to think of different ways to apply it.

After mulling over several ideas, I did some more research online and experimented with a few things each day for months on end.

Not everything I attempted bore fruit, but eventually through trial and error, I found some offline marketing strategies that worked for me.

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