How To Start A Cell Phone Business – A Comprehensive Guide!

How To Start A Cell Phone Business - A Comprehensive Guide!

Do you want complete and detailed information to help you decide if the mobile phone industry is for you?

Would you like a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to walk you through launching your retail business?

The Ease of Putting Your advice Into Action Has Been Great I found very little information online and could not get the retailers to disclose any information. Without this e-book I could have never gotten as far as I am. I am now looking to open my own retail store. I thank you all at!

Starting any business is a difficult task. First, you have to choose what type of business that you want to start. After you have chosen the business you want to start, you have to lay down the foundation to properly get the business off the ground.

Before you can make a sound decision, you need detailed information about the industry, how to break into the industry, and what to expect along your journey as an entrepreneur in that specific field.

No one wants to jump into an industry that is over saturated and that does not have any growth potential because over time you would lose money.

The cell phone industry is a great choice for a business start-up. Nearly 26% of the U.S. population doesn’t own a cell phone. So, there is still growth potential. That means 84% of the population are going to need new devices when their old devices break, as well as add-ons, accessories, istance, new plans, and to switch plans.

Industry sales are currently nearly $140 billion a year and expected to double in three years. There is plenty of room for growth potential. The great thing about the cell phone industry is that it’s going to grow regardless of what you do. The increased efficiency of running businesses by cell phones, the new abilities offered by cell phones these days, and the increase in wireless only households.

Just shortly, I will go into more detail about the promise of the wireless industry and its impact on the economy. First, I want to address why you may be skeptical of following the paths of the founders of Access Mobile. Three high school friends started the Access Mobile store in Wichita, KS after graduating less than ten years ago. Now, Tien Huynh, Jeff Koerner, Blak Vanatta own four stores and are looking for real estate for several more. Barely in their late twenties and they are cashing in BIG.

Financial risk is usually the biggest factor holding us back from making the plunge into any venture. In this book. Over 3 Billion Connected and Counting: A Guide to Start a Cell Phone Retail Business takes out the guess work from trying to figure out what’s possible. With enough detailed information, you can make precise and accurate calculations about the money you can expect to make from your cell phone business.

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