For sale by owner – fsbo – Information

For sale by owner - fsbo - Information

Rebel Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Banker reveals the quick and easy secrets of selling your home for TOP Dollar …and saving piles of cash by doing it yourself.

Then we purchased your ebook, ‘Selling Your Home Alone,’ and SOLD our home one week later… Thank you!

We would highly recommend the purchase of this ebook to anyone serious about selling their home "buy owner!"

If you want to avoid paying outrageous commissions by selling your house yourself so you can move into a larger house… or so you can make a larger down-payment on your next house… or if you would just plain like to hang onto your equity that you’ve worked so hard for, rather than just handing it over to a real estate agent… this may be the most important letter you ever read!

I’m sitting here at my computer on a Sunday afternoon thinking about a time not too long ago when I was standing at a crossroads in my life… right where you probably are at this very moment. I wanted to sell my house so I could make a move I thought was vitally important to my career… but hiring a real estate agent was out of the question!

To make matters worse… I actually had TWO (2) houses I had to sell in less than 45 days in order to make a move to Florida to take a job I really wanted. On top of all that I had just gotten married two weeks before to a wonderful lady I wanted desperately to please and provide for.

Now at the time I thought I was lucky, because I had been a Mortgage Banker for about four years and thought I knew the real estate business as well as anybody… after all I had been involved in helping over 1,000 people make their most important real estate decision by that time, and hardly any of the agents I knew had any clue about business… let alone real estate. I figured if they could do it… I could do it!

So I decided that if anybody could sell these houses in 45 days I could… boy did I have it coming! The first two weeks nothing happened. I ran ads like everybody else… and got the same results as everybody else… nothing. The only people who called me were realtors trying to see if I would list my house with them… and they proceeded to get mad at me for trying to sell it on my own when they had been sending me mortgages… go figure! They were mad at me for trying to sell my house without them… even though I knew there was no way they could meet my time-frame… besides I’d never seen one really earn that high commission anyway!

Then one night something happened I’ll remember for the rest of my life… and I want to stress to you that everything I am saying here is the… Go to store

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