Private Lending Presentation Kit – Learn How to Get Money From People – Not Banks!

Private Lending Presentation Kit - Learn How to Get  Money From People - Not Banks!

Getting money to do real estate deals has nothing to do with going to a bank, filling out applications, funding down payments or waiting for approvals **** The Private Lending Presentation Kit will have People calling to Lend you M ive Amounts of Money and Let you Achieve Financial Freedom with Unlimited Income

The Private Lending Presentation Kit is a 34-page slideshow or "flip chart" that I developed for finding prospective lenders in connection with buying, selling, and wholesaling real estate properties. The 34 pages are packed with tested and extraordinarily effective strategies for getting people to give you money for real estate deals.

The plan is to get prospective lenders (i.e. anyone with money) into a room or at a one-on-one meeting, give them the presentation, answer any questions and then invite them to invest with you. It is designed to give you instant credibility when you meet with a potential lender and puts you in a professional light as a serious real estate entrepreneur/investor.

Imagine having the knowledge to structure multi-million dollar deals in such a way that private lenders will be fighting to fund them for you!

The Private Lending Presentation Kit explains what the money will be used for (namely to acquire, fix up, and market properties to tenants or buyers), how their money will be secured (by the properties they’re lending against), and how and when their money will be returned. It represents how the process flows, explaining who you are, the benefits you are offering to your potential lender and how you can help with different types of lending programs. It also shows how you can help them make their available funds earn double or even trpile what they are currently earning – all well secured by local real estate.

"The Private Lending Presentation Kit is OUTSTANDING because all the work is done for you! Having access to quick cash is crucial to get the killer deals and if you don’t know how to get it, you’re stuck on the sidelines. This kit is a real no-brainer for the seroius real estate investor."

"Mike, your slide show is perfect! Combined with your marketing templates the only problem I’ll have is TOO MUCH MONEY and not enough houses!"

The Private Lending Presentation Kit now includes a 30 minute tutorial video that walks through each slide and explains what changes you need to make to each slide to customize the presentation for your company or program. You’ll need to make a few simple updates to the presentation if you want to include your company name, contact information and company background and goals.

Some of the real estate television gurus claim you can buy real estate without money – and in some cases you may be able to do just that. I do it too, occasionally.

You’ll be extremely limited in your selection and buying options, if all you know is try to come up with the "nothing down" solution for the sellers where… Go to store

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