Brought to you by Benbon Business Improvement

Brought to you by Benbon Business Improvement

My name is Elvan. I own a business consultancy based in Sydney, Australia for the last 12 years. Since that time I have helped many existing businesses and start-ups. The materials I used, and still using, were researched, developed and written by me over the years since I retired from full-time employment. Among these are business planning, sales and marketing planning, marketing research, compe or ysis and new product introduction. They are for consulting, training, licensing and publishing.

Through my consulting and training I have often been told that what were available in the marketplace (either for free or paid) to busy business people were not quite good enough to relieve them of stress, time constraints and limited budgets.

For instance, many of you know or should know of business plans and how important they are to business. Business owners and consultants alike have a mindset that business planning is for short term, to address financial imperatives and not much else.

I am going to convince you of a paradigm shift. You most likely would have heard of continuous improvement in the production process that Japanese manufacturers had made into a fine art. Now you are going to be able to achieve…

So how did I come to develop this concept of continuous business improvement? I have worked with American, British and Australian companies for over 30 years in Australia, 25 of which with an American multinational conglomerate. It was very good experience and valuable knowledge acquisition. Although what I learned in the 30 odd years had been very useful in my business consultancy, I discovered along the way that most or all business plans are shortsighted, concentrating on short-term financial objectives or solving problems as they occur. This is being reactive, not proactive. Solving problems only when they arise could be a long and costly exercise.

We all know that small businesses do not have the time, inclination or resources to keep on spending money solving problems. Consequently, I developed the concept of going through the planning process only once, and implementing improvements and solutions in all the areas identified as critical issues during the planning process. This adds value for the client and makes for lifetime customer relationship. It also increases the value of the business over time, while sales revenue, profit, efficiency, competency and so on improve. For this to happen, the planning process must involve some pain and soul searching, be based on accurate information and objective thinking, be thorough and done with much care.

You see, a business is like a motor vehicle with many essential working parts. For it to function to peak performance, each part must work perfectly. As you fine-tune or make minor adjustments or improvements, over time your vehicle is perfect, problem-free and a joy to drive. The destination is not a concern, getting there trouble-free is.

Your business is a motor vehicle in a sense. If you look after all the main aspects of the… Go to store

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