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LATEST UPDATES: We have now updated and included additional to the "Smart and Relentless" membership site and digital pack as a token of appreciation to all S&R subscribers.

Check the "Smart and Relentless" exclusive database of self-made millionaire entrepreneur with remarkable track records of guiding aspiring entrepreneurs in the right direction. Save yourself the hours or weeks looking for successful entrepreneurs, we have listed amazing businessmen and women of different industries such as; property, entertainment, marketing, finance and much more. In order to be successful, learn not to be shy and utilize our invaluable contact list and reach to these dynamic winners.

"My advice to anyone looking to achieve something big in life is to find a mentor….my mentor was Joe Welder who opened many doors for me." Arnold Schwarzenegger

The power of pain can make you RICH! – This shy self-made multi-millionaire explains how his disgust of being financially broke and envious of his successful freinds drove him to become a mega successful internet entrepreneur.

Who told you, you need to work 24/7 to earn more than six figures a year! This crippled entrepreneur breaks that myth by revealing a tell-all on how he made $250,000 within eleven months working out of his bed and getting others to do his dirty work.

Meet the self-millionaire who built up a successful MLM business that made over $100 million dollars in less than 23 months despite starting out with zero capital and experience.

The only difference between thousandaires and millionaires is the niche business market they choose to tap into. Wealthy innovative entrepreneurs from Ryan Blair to Timothy Sykes understand the following secret “If you want to make big bucks, you need to establish a business model in a industry that produces millionaires!”

Many entrepreneurs fail to succeed in the game of business, not because they lack motivation, work ethics or the ability to focus but, simply because they pick a product or service that is not demanded on a wide scale. Explore our amazing list of highly lucrative businesses you can start and easily scale into a financial empire.

A common problem that many entrepreneurs face while starting up their first venture is lack of initial capital. In order to succeed financially, or achieve any type of entrepreneurship dream, initial CASH-FLOW is necessary. Super successful internet marketer reveals how to make $10,000 per commision based sale.

Check out the exclusive list of over 50 high paying commision based products to secure your financial foundation. (This list is vital for those who need to quickly raise capital in order to fund or support their start up venture ).

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