How to Start an Office Cleaning Business Today – Clean Up the Profits

How to Start an Office Cleaning Business Today - Clean Up the Profits

What I’m about to tell you is going to make it so very, very simple for you to increase your income tremendously. In your spare time…from your own home.

The profit potential is so great it literally boggles the mind. It’s now possible to start right away to bring in as much as $54,000 – a year – or more. PART-TIME.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the best job in the world would be one in which you work for yourself, set your own hours, and see your income rise or double year after year.

You can join others making full-time earnings from part-time hours. And you can do it absolutely Risk-Free.

My name is Sam Rodman. My phone number 203-954-8483. Please don’t confuse me with the folks out there selling information that they know nothing about. I have been in the office cleaning business for more than 20 years. As an employee, I worked hard for other people and was paid well for my services of running a cleaning crew. I saw first hand the big profits being made in the office cleaning business and started my own back in 1992.

I started with a spray bottle and a borrowed vacuum cleaner. After only the first few months of working for myself, I was bringing in $4500 dollars a month, and I was only working 4 hours, part-time in the evenings on Monday thru Friday to get it. That’s $54,000 dollars per year, which was more money then I’d ever made. I wasn’t trying to get any more business. I was working less than 20 hours a week, going fishing on the weekends and enjoying my free time.

He was unemployed at the time and had a family to support. Our wives had become friends, and I took a liking to Gerald. He had worked in an unskilled labor position for the railroad in Kansas City for many years. I wanted to help him out somehow, but I knew he needed more than part-time work by the hour. Gerald was no charm school graduate, and he was definitely not the salesman type. He was very much interested in how I was making so much money by working so few hours.

Gerald wanted to know exactly how I did it. So I showed him the steps to getting his first office cleaning account. Then we lost touch and 3 years went by before I saw Gerald again. I could tell he was doing very well, and I asked him, what he was doing for a living? He said, "cleaning offices." "In fact, I now have 10 part-time people helping me. One of them is a key person who keeps everything running smoothly, and I’m bringing in over $400,000 dollars a year now!"

Gerald knew absolutely nothing about the office cleaning business, but in just 3 years he was bringing in over $400,000 dollars a year and had 10… Go to store

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