NewPortraitBiz Photography Business Plan – Standard Edition

NewPortraitBiz Photography Business Plan - Standard   Edition

Dear Friend, If you’re frustrated and confused by the so called Photography Gurus that fill your head with all the technical STUFF , then you’re going to want to read every word in this letter. You see, My wife and I were a lot like you and just wanted someone we could trust to help us get started. So….We Created A Unique Step By Step Photography Business Plan

If you want your chance to join the ranks and start creating amazing portraits that you’ve only seen in high end studios, then what you need to do next is simply click this link below right now:

This is the only place you’ll find this one of a kind photography business system in the world. Not in any bookstore, library, tv show or website. Only here. right now.

I go over many different ways to find your clients and build you business over time. Once you build your business like I show you in this course, you could make $900 per day. You might be saying, that’s impossible, but I’m here to tell you it’s not. Let me give you an example. Let’s say I teach you how to find 10 people for one of your theme days that your going to have. This is very easy to do once you learn how to attract clients and build your list. Let’s use "Wash Tub Wednesday" as our theme. We’re going to charge $97 per sitting that will include a small package. It’s not uncommon for Parents and Grandparents to purchase additional pictures. Once they see their child in one of these professional shots, they usually buy more. This is over and above the $900 example I’m illustrating. You will set up your small portable studio (I describe this in the course) take 2-3 shots of each child. We will allow 2 hours for studio or sitting time. Then you will load your pictures into you computer and follow the "WorkFlow" video. It should take you no more than 1 hour to complete these images. Finally, send them off to print. That’s it; your done. You have worked just 3 hours and made over $900 after expenses. That’s $300 per hour…not to bad! You could work one day a week, part-time or 2 days a week full-time. These numbers are low, because you can raise your prices over time. Raise your prices just $20 and you make an additional $200 for an $1,100 day profit. The great thing about this system, is you will always have new customers to use this complete system with. So, you keep making money from NPB year after year.

The more clients you have, the more your work is being displayed. The more your work is being talked about and p ed around by others, the quicker your business will grow…Guaranteed. Then you will be charging w ver you want, because you will be in demand. You will eventually have a waiting list for… Go to store

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