Ultimate Real Estate System – Nothing Down, Foreclosure Short Sales and Tax Lien Certificates

Ultimate Real Estate System - Nothing Down, Foreclosure Short Sales and Tax Lien Certificates

Getting Started in Real Estate Investing is Your P port To The Most Exciting Personal Investment Program Possible. By Applying These Principles with Prudence and Diligence, You Can Open Up to Yourself the World of "Pure Gold," the Exciting World of American Real Estate!

Hello! My name is Robert Allen. I’m the author of two of the largest selling financial books in history; Nothing Down and Creating Wealth, both New York Times best sellers — read by millions of people in the past 20 years. My other best-selling books include Multiple Streams of Income, and my current Mega-Best-Seller, Cracking The Millionaire Code co-authored by Mark Victor Hansen. I’ve helped thousands of people, from various countries and cir stances achieve financial freedom. Now its your turn.

Over the years I’ve learned to care less and less about what people say and more and more about what they do. I’m a big believer in proof. When there’s so much hype these days, you can never get enough proof… Because results are results, period.

Ever since the release of Nothing Down, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to prove that my wealth building techniques and strategies work.

Several years ago I ran a full page ad in The Wall Street Journal and other major newspapers which proved that you can buy real estate nothing down. It carried the following headline:

"Send me to any city in the United States. Take away my wallet. Give me $100 for living expenses. In 72 hours I will buy an excellent piece of real estate using none of my own money."

The Los Angeles Times challenged me to live up to my claim. They flew me to Los Angeles, where I met Martin Baron, the L.A. Times reporter, and together we flew from Los Angeles to San Francisco. When we arrived at the airport, I handed him my wallet and he handed me five crisp twenty dollar bills.

"With a reporter by my side, $100 for living expenses, & armed only with my knowledge; I purchased 7 properties worth $772,000, all in 57 hours." Los Angeles Times, Business Section

A few days later, the front page of the Los Angeles Times business section carried the following headline: "Buying Home without Cash: Boastful Investor Accepts Time Challenge-and Wins."

The long detailed article chronicled the entire nothing down story from 6 a.m. Monday until 5:15 P.M. Wednesday. I had done it!

Yes, the strategies and techniques I described in my best-selling book "Nothing Down" really work! But still the experts and skeptics refused to be convinced. I then appeared on a television show in Houston. After explaining my story, the host said with a sneer, "Yeah, you proved you could do it. But I doubt one of our average viewers could do it."

That comment really ruffled my feathers. I found myself saying the following words, which stunned even me when I heard myself say them:

"Anybody can do it. Send me to… Go to store

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