Marketing For Dog Groomers

Marketing For Dog Groomers

A system which allows your grooming business to run much more smoothly, with much higher profits, less advertising costs, and more repeat business.

A system which turns you into the talk of the town… and the envy of your harsh compe ion across the street.

A system that even the most down and out, ready to quit, barely breaking even business owners can roll out, rinse and repeat and wash away the stress of a struggling grooming business after putting it into action.

It’s also very affordable, easy and quick, and will allow you to start turning the profits back on in a snip.

And no, it’s not about spending thousands on newspaper ads or Yellow Pages listings that don’t work.

It’s not about damaging your business with sales and discounts (that’s a huge "nail in the coffin" mistake for most grooming business owners.)

This is not some system that has been rehashed from the 90’s. It’s a set of modern day 21st Century marketing techniques that will…

People want to do some research on your grooming business before they book these days. This is a great opportunity to sell yourself hands free.

All you need to do is include some basic info: opening hours, services offered, prices, location, contact information, staff names, payments accepted, products you carry. There are many inexpensive website builders/designers out there today.

Then you need to get visitors to your website, so they can see what you offer, and then make a booking. There are many ways of increasing the numbers of visitors.

Want to cut down staff costs and calls? Then set up an online booking system that takes care of all your incoming call bookings. It’s not that hard to do, and a web programmer can set this up for a reasonable price.

There’s actually a lot of pre-made solutions that you can ask a programmer to install, which would drastically cut the costs even further. Just tell them that you don’t need a solution built from scratch, and that they can use a pre-made booking system that integrates into your own site.

Do something to give your business a personality. For example, have a Santa Hat Day, where the dogs come into the salon and have a photo wearing a hat. It sounds silly, but these kinds of quirks get people talking about you in a good way.

High profile, upper cl clients are NOT interested in sales or discounts. Middle cl clients are NOT able to drop in during working hours.

You need to send the right message to the right demographic for the best response. Do you know who your main target demographic is? If so, what would appeal to them the most? If you don’t know, then find out.

How can you make it easier for them to make a booking and bring their dog in? Where do they hang out and work? Knowing these things will allow you to find ways of reaching them directly, and… Go to store

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