Contract for Deed

Contract for Deed

“In the Next 5 minutes You’re Going to Learn About an Easy Low Cost Method to Start Earning Money In Real Estate Investing…In Your Very Own Home-Based Business…Using The Contract for Deed”

Jake Toney here with some information that I want to share with you. That is…If you’re looking for one or more of the following:

I first ran into Contract for Deeds back in the 80’s…I didn’t really know much about them at the time, but as a carpenter I kept running into properties that owners wanted fixed up so that they could sell them via a Contract for Deed.

Although I didn’t know much about CFDs I began to take note. It seems as though the more properties I worked on that were being sold by owner, the more I realized that some of these owners were real estate investors selling their properties using the CFD.

Being inquisitive and conversational I investigated and researched into the Contract for Deed and realized that this was a solid method for buying or selling real estate. And that it is perfectly legal, provided the law is followed of course. I also realized that it takes some knowledge to get started, but that it could be what thousands of people are looking for. You see only the minority can get real estate financing in America, not the majority. The truth is 65% of Americans above the age 18 cannot qualify for a loan with good terms. NOT HAPPENING!

As time when on I was able to learn quite a bit about CFDs from owners that had used them, buyers living in properties purchased using a CFD, as well as talking to attornerys and others in the know.

In fact, I was able to extract quite a bit of information, but it wasn’t until I actually got my feet wet that I really did learn what the "REAL DEAL" was…and let me tell ya, buying is different than selling…So, stay with me here, cause I tend to be straight forward and tell it like it izzz…SOoooo…

Let’s be REAL…The economy is shot to hell, our country has been in non-stop wars for over 10 years. Food cost, fuel, electricity, medical treatment, childcare, college, real estate taxes, and everything in between has sky-rocketed to unbelievable and inexcusable costs. If that’s not bad enough, more businesses have closed their doors in the last 4 years than the previous 10 years combined.

Bankruptcies, crime, divorce, lay-offs, violence and other depressing news is all increasing at an alarming rate. Negative energy, friction and drama all the time! The truth is, there’s nothing you alone can do to stop the inevitable sinking of our rapidly declining economic system…But there is something you can do to protect yourself in the coming weeks, months and years ahead. What’s that you say?

You see as things get worse your present income will have to stretch further, and further… Go to store

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