Provisional Patent Application Kit – for Filing a Patent Application!

Provisional Patent Application Kit - for Filing a Patent Application!

Do you have an innovative product or invention? Get the right to use "Patent Pending" for YOUR idea or invention quickly and easily!

Are you a brilliant, yet prudent individual, one who would rather not pay a lawyer to do something as simple as filing a provisional patent application? Do you have a great money making idea and need a provisional patent for protection? For a nominal price our kit allows you to byp the tedious studying of all the ins and outs of provisional patent applications and obtain your provisional patent application receipt for just the cost of the filing fee to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), as many times as you want! With the approval of your provisional utility patent you get the right to use Patent Pending alongside the name of your product or process…you will get your foot in the door AHEAD of potential compe ors.

Are you fed up with the complications and h les of filing a patent application? You are not alone!

Not only is this Provisional Patent Application Kit going to save you a large amount of time and money in the process of filing a patent application and obtaining your patent pending status, it is also the most cost effective kit you can buy! For one low cost you not only get the best kit available, but you are licensed to use it regardless of the number of provisional patent applications you file, saving you even more time and money! If you have an idea you think could be beneficial to a lot of people, and make you money at the same time, why risk someone else coming to market with the exact same idea. Don’t be intimidated by the time or expense in filing a patent application! There’s no need for worry or stress with this Provisional Patent Application Kit (Patent-Pending Kit). We take the h le out of the process! For less money and in less time than you thought, you too can get the right to use ‘Patent Pending’!

Last week I received approval for patent-pending status and want to thank you for all your help beyond simply sending out the forms especially when I encountered a problem on my part. It was one of the few times I’ve ever been required to fill out that amount of paperwork without a hitch.

Kit forms are the latest forms available from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and are updated regularly.

As soon as your payment has been received you will be directed instantly to a temporary link to download your application for patent kit in a .zip file.

Download your application for patent kit now! You will be well on your way to “Patent Pending” status! Click here to purchase now! Go to store

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