227 Unusual Business Ideas

227 Unusual Business Ideas

Find Out How Real People All Over the World are Turning "Unusual" Business Ideas into Magnificent Moneymakers… and How You Can Too!

"DISCOVERED! 227 Unusual, Different and Just Plain Crazy Business Ideas… That Could Make You Rich This Year… Starting From Zero!"

Uncover the Most Unusual Business Ideas GUARANTEED to Motivate You and Inspire You To Get Your Own Money-Making Business Idea Off The Ground… Today!

Admit it… How many times have you read the newspaper or seen a TV story about some unusual business and thought to yourself…

There has never been a better time to start your own business and in fact, more people are realizing their entrepreneurial dreams than ever before – largely thanks to the internet.

The best part is, some people are making money in the most unusual way. These businesses are really "off the wall" and some make you stop and ponder how they are really able to do it.

Consider Californian salesman Gary Dahl who, in 1975, came up with the idea for a Pet Rock, then took the idea a step further and decided to market a book giving instructions on how to care for the Pet Rock. The fad for Pet Rocks spread like wildfire to the rest of the country. Here was a pet that took no care and still gave its owner a few moments of pleasure. Unbelievably, a million rocks sold for $3.95 apiece in just a few months, and Gary Dahl – who decided from the beginning to make at least one dollar from every rock – had become an instant millionaire. Now, stories like Gary’s really ARE one-in-a-million. But there’s no reason why one good idea couldn’t truly change your life – for the better! So, why not use other people’s ideas to help you come up with a winner all your own?

There’s no point regretting missed opportunities or "what-might-have-beens" any longer, because today you can now get your hands on a fantastic new resource bursting with sensational business ideas. It’s called:

Here’s A Sneak Peek At Some Of The Other Stories You’ll Find Inside "227 Unusual Business Ideas"…

A New Hampshire entrepreneur lit up his bank balance with his glow-in-the-dark golf ball (page 120).

A Los Angeles-based company saw sales skyrocket after launching a line of "feng shui" dog toys (page 123).

A UK company in launched an ice cream flavored with a famous beer and they’re now doing "beery nicely" indeed (page 38).

A Dutch designer turned coffin-buying into a seriously practical exercise with a range of bookcases that convert into burial boxes after the owner’s death (page 86).

A car wash manufacturer started Britain’s first horse wash with "equi-wash" – a gadget similar to the car wash sprays found on gas-station forecourts (page 87).

A German entrepreneur carved out a new business selling engraved toothpicks as souvenirs for decoration or advertising (page 11).

You know, it’s a fact that pretty often the… Go to store

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