Cell Tower Secrets

Cell Tower Secrets

Whether you would like to better understand an existing cell tower lease, are considering purchasing or selling a property with a cell tower lease, or are just curious about this investment segment, the cell tower lease e-book being offered here today should prove very helpful, and will cover the following topics:

Most people in the real estate business – including experienced real estate attorneys, investors, developers, and brokers – make the mistake of thinking they can accurately estimate a cell tower lease value or negotiate a fair price for a cell tower lease, lease extension, or purchase or sale of real estate with a cell tower lease, but nothing could be further from the truth! There is much more to cell tower leases – and the negotiation of cell tower leases – than most people realize. That said, most real estate professionals are not qualified to advise on cell tower lease strategy, values, or negotiations, as there are numerous considerations with cell towers and cell tower leases beyond those considered in a typical real estate transaction – most of which have little (or nothing) to do with the underlying real estate. The e-book being offered on this site will provide the average investor or landlord, as well as the most seasoned real estate expert, with important and little known information about the various impacts, risks, restrictions, considerations, and benefits of cell tower leases, as well as the ways in which cell towers and/or cell tower leases might enhance or decrease a property’s overall value, and several valuable tips and techniques for achieving the best possible result when negotiating the purchase, sale, or extension of a cell tower lease. Here is an opportunity for you to find out all you care to know about the cell tower lease business for less than the cost of a tank of gas.

“The vast majority of real estate attorneys are unaware of the legal aspects of Cell Tower transactions and, more importantly, the potential revenue that can be realized from these Lease transactions. The author of this book, from his exceptionally broad knowledge and experience in these transactions, unlocks the unknown opportunities overlooked by most real estate professionals and unknown to most real estate attorneys.” Ken H. Real Estate Attorney

"I can’t thank you enough – now I will understand what the tower company is talking about when they ask for lease extensions." Ron C. Cell Tower Lease Landlord

"A tremendous resource for my real estate business. I also use it in my review of personal cell tower investments." Todd B. Real Estate Broker

"I have a much better understanding of the way cell tower leases impact my clients’ investments…thank you!" Ken P. Real Estate Broker

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