How To Rent My House – This DIY kit is everything you will need!

How To Rent My House - This DIY kit is everything you will need!

Have a house you want to rent out but you don’t know where to start? This DIY kit is everything you will need!

This is a popular misconception that renting is as simple as downloading a blank lease, filling it out and turning over the keys. Though these are important steps they are not the only steps you will need to take. Even if we fast forward to a tenant moving in, do you have the other do ents that need to be signed as well? How much security deposit can you legally accept and is there a limit? Should you always pull their credit and if so what do you look for? When something breaks, what are you responsible for and what should the tenant be responsible for? How do I evict someone and when is it legal to do so? These and many more questions will be answered in this unique DIY kit that will hold your hand and walk you through every step of the process.

This kit is packed with information and do ents that will help you succeed in renting your house. You will learn how to establish a business to limit liability and protect your ets. Set your house to a compe ive rent market rate and how to advertise the most effectively. The ins and outs of selecting a tenant and essential things to look for. How to communicate with tenants and what those conversations will sound like. Plus lots of do ents including a sample lease, lead paint disclosures, move in condition reports and more.

We are giving away Chapter 4 of our How To Rent My House Guide which talks about advertising and how to get your house noticed fast.

We feel so confident in this information that we are giving away the best chapter of our guide, Advertising Secrets. Get your house noticed without spending a penny. Let us invest in YOU before you ever think about investing in us.

We have been actively investing in real estate in southeastern Michigan since 2005. Our initial concentration has been purchasing foreclosed single-family homes in the area and renting them back out to Section 8 families after the renovations were complete. Our ongoing rental business has ac ulated 90 years now of total experience! We created an offshoot, property maintenance team that has our own electricians, plumbers, roofers, handymen and more. Our sister company currently flips homes that are in the foreclosure process back to retail buyers. In some cases, we are able to save the home for the original owner. We have extensive knowledge in creating companies, finding tenants and maintaining homes. We have coached many people including friends and family to rent out their home while in the process of short selling and extended relocations.

We have been helping people for years with this kit and if you still are not sure please accept our unconditional 30-Day, 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with this kit please let us know… Go to store

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