How to Buy Established Websites – Site Buying Method

How to Buy Established Websites - Site Buying Method

Here’s how I went from worrying about losing my money when buying a website to quickly and easily buying with confidence…

Are you considering buying an established website or online business on Flippa, a website forum or through a broker? Buying a website can be a great investment or you can quickly lose your cash if you don’t know what you are doing. It should be treated seriously and the purchase should be well researched. But how do you know when you have done enough research and can go ahead and bid for a site?

How do you know that you have covered all aspects of buying a site and you haven’t forgotten a small detail that could mean the difference between a site that makes money into the future and one that collapses in a heap in a few weeks after you have bought it.

I’ve been researching and buying websites since 2008. I spent hours looking at each site and doing research. If it was a site I liked I would do more research. But I always had a fear that I had forgotten something and would lose my money. So I would do so more research and on it would go. Soon the auction would come to an end and I would either bid without feeling totally comfortable about it, or let it go because I hadn’t finished my research. I missed out on a lot of potentially great money making sites.

I soon came to the conclusion that I needed to put some structure behind the investigation. If I did not, it could go on for days. I decided I needed to work out what was important and define how I was going to record what I found and then I would know when I was done. I could then either purchase the site or p on the opportunity.

That is the reason that I have put together the Site Buying Method. After you have read it, you will understand what you need to know and look out for when considering purchasing a site. You can use the included checklist to make sure that you check every important aspect of the site before you decide to make an offer or not.

There are thousands of sites for sale everyday. It’s easy to get lost in the research and investigate every opportunity. If you are buying through a site such as Flippa, there is plenty of information available about the site to help you in your decision. If you are buying through a website broker, you need to know what information to ask for. You must follow a process to uncover which sites you should be interested in and which ones you should forget about. A process that will allow you to quickly follow the steps and efficiently record the vital information that you need to make a decision.

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