How to Start, Operate, and Profit From a Resume Writing Business

How to Start, Operate, and Profit From a Resume Writing Business

Most individuals who start thinking about a start-up struggle with finding the best, most profitable business type. What you’ll quickly learn is starting a resume business will be one of the smartest moves you make towards working independently and securing financial freedom.

A resume writing business is a perfect choice because *just about everyone* needs a resume. Your significant other; your neighbors; the lady at the bank; your current boss; your garbage man. There seems to be limitless amounts of customers, AND REVENUE, you can secure with a resume business.

When starting my business in 1999, there wasn’t much available on the subject of starting a resume business. I read one or two resources; but truth be told, I found myself learning more by “running from the seat of my pants”

So, who am I? What qualifies me to help with your journey of starting a business? In a nutshell, I’m one of the success stories. I’ve been running a profitable resume writing business for more than 13 years.

Here’s an eye-opener for you.  My first resume client paid $45 for a new resume. Hold onto your hats. My clients now invest $500 to $800 for a resume and cover letter, and a few hundred more when opting for personal branding, resume submission, and so on.

Then, I respond: I can’t believe I charge that little for the INCREDIBLE VALUE [i.e. ease of generating interviews, increased confidence, ability to command higher salary, and so on] I provide my clients. My clients have gone on to secure jobs making tens of thousands more in salary, making the mere investment they provided me a “drop in the bucket” when compared to the hefty increase in salary they will receive over their careers.

If you’re not ready to buy, start by previewing my book (fill out the form at the top/right), reviewing reviewers’ comments or checking out some of my articles for a bit of reading [see top navigation bar].

If you’re to make the investment, your purchase includes 6 free gifts (outlined below). Simply click the “Add to Cart” on when you’re ready.

FREE GIFT #1 Resume Writing Help for You. I provide you with a resource to help advance your resume writing skills.

FREE GIFT #2 Free Interviewing Pamphlet for Your Clients: Educate your clients on the different types of interviews, unusual interview questions, and lists sample interview questions so your clients can prepare to subsequently secure more job offers.

FREE GIFT #3 Free Download: Contact info for resume writers who are routinely seeking contract resume writers. A great of making some bucks quickly!!! Taking on contract ignments is a perfect way of making extra $$’s from your business, and your resume-writing skills.

FREE GIFT #4 Your Very Own Business Coach! Invest in your business dreams by downloading my book today and receive access to me to answer the questions you have during the start-up and… Go to store

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