Universal Awareness Solutions – Survival in this new world depends on how well we understand it

Universal Awareness Solutions - Survival in this new world depends on how well we understand it

The Technology Seller’s Bible takes business relationship building to the next level using proven customer-centric strategies and best practices. It shows how to accelerate sales results by tightly aligning marketing and sales activities, targeting the appropriate decision makers with a common buyer profile, and building a pipeline of qualified leads.

You will learn customer-centric techniques for quickly diagnosing critical business issues, personalizing solutions, and laying a foundation for long-term customer loyalty. These easy-to-use, actionable principles will allow you to understand your target customers on a deeper level, close deals more efficiently, and improve sales performance. [ Learn more... ]

The Customer Loyalty Factor: Want to build a stronger business, one built on a foundation of customer loyalty? Download the cutting-edge eBook, "The Customer Loyalty Factor", and you’ll learn, step by step, how to improve your business relationships. Get started today! [ Learn more... ]

Building customer relationships: What does it take to cultivate loyal clients who are willing to hire your firm repeatedly? For guaranteed success, customer satisfaction principles need to be diligently carried out before, during, and after the service takes place.

Instead, maneuver your business into the fast lane of customer satisfaction. Implement a proactive customer oriented strategy that launches your firm above the compe ion. You can make a difference right now. [ Download now ]

Reaching higher: Times are tough and getting tougher. If you’re employed, be thankful. If you’re happily employed, be even more thankful. But, don’t rest on your laurels and past success. Always be on the lookout for achieving more, and reaching higher.

Regardless of your station on the corporate latter, be always ready to redefine your personal and career goals. The cold truth remains the same: change is constant. Businesses and jobs that are here today will be gone tomorrow. What can you do today to enhance your career options and marketability? [ Learn more... ]

Is it time for a change? Are you fed up with the constant grind and stress of your job? Maybe you’re not interested in changing one job for another. The economic downturn has forced many to reflect on higher goals in life and to take an alternate path outside of their original profession.

Perhaps you’ve concluded that The Corporate life is hazardous to your health. Is so, it’s time to take charge. [ Learn more... ] Go to store

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