Scrap Metal Removal Estimator software for scrappers

Scrap Metal Removal Estimator software for scrappers

Using our special “scrap value file” technology, you’ll be prepared for virtually ANY type of scrap metal removal project, small or large.

The Scrap Metal Removal Estimator is limited only to your imagination, and the possibilities are endless.  Your personal scrap value database is the key to expanding and growing what your copy of the software can do for you.

Be prepared to estimate any type of scrap job with incredible accuracy with only a few clicks of your mouse.  General scrap removal, junk car removal, commercial jobs, retail jobs, etc.  There are NO LIMITS!

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to how much money you’re going to make each day in the scrap business. Knowing the final result is the key to success. Each day and each pile is different, no two scrap metal removal jobs are exactly alike.

Stop Leaving The Scrap Yard Feeling Disappointed Because You Drove An Hour Away To Clean Out A Garage Or A Retailer And Didn’t Know How Much Money Was There!

You get a phone call or an e-mail from a Craigslist Ad and your potential customer says, “Hello John.  I saw your ad for the metal removal.  I live 45 minutes away in (city here) and I have a whole bunch of scrap metal I need to get rid of.  Is this something you can do for me?”

Your reply would be something like, “Sure.  What kind of scrap items are you trying to get rid of?”

Here comes “the list”.  Your potential customer will now say “I have 2 really big refrigerators, 2 washers, 2 dryers, 1 stove, 1 microwave, 2 old push lawn mowers and a few car rims.”

You get instantly flabbergasted because you’re on the phone, or trying to answer an e-mail and you have to calculate all of this in your head at this very moment.

There are many things to consider right now…  You need someone to help with the fridge so you need two guys.  It’s a decent size load so you’ll need your truck AND your trailer.  It’s an hour away so you have to figure for gas with the trailer.  And to top it off NOW you have to figure how much this scrap is worth in “cash form” before you make the final call.   And that right there is where scrappers LOSE MONEY ALL THE TIME in this business.

Say your truck costs .50 a mile in gas, your hourly wage is $20, your helper’s wage is $15, it will take 1.5 hours and 90 miles round trip just to get there and back, and you’ll be loading for about 1 hour.

According to the Scrap Metal Removal Estimator: You would need to make $132 dollars from that scrap metal to make your $20 an hour!  If you do this job for free, you will flat out lose money, period. Go to store

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