Consultant Starter Kit – Executive in Sweatpants

Consultant Starter Kit - Executive in Sweatpants

Learn Why Salary is a Dead-End Salary isn’t as great as you thought it was. Find out why you may be leaving significant money on the table by clinging to the perceived security of a salary.

“I think Executive in Sweatpants will help a good amount of people trying to transition to working from home. It definitely helps to have insight into changing your life such as this. I gave it to my daughter when I had finished and she feels the same way…Keep up the good work Matt!”

Learn How to Access Real Online Jobs The days of "hoping" for an interview are over. You have to be proactive. I’ll tell you how I’ve built my book of business in a few easy steps.

Business in a Box: What You Get for $29 I guarantee that this will be the best $29 you ever spent. In this "launch kit", I arm you with everything you need to successfully start a legitimate, home-based consulting business on oDesk. You’ll get:

If you could be your own boss, work whenever you want, and do it all from home….would you? People across the globe are saying "YES" by becoming an Executive in Sweatpants. Now, you too can take control of your professional destiny with our exclusive "launch kit".

“When I finished "Executive in Sweatpants" this afternoon I felt guilty because I’d gotten so much out of it. I picked up some great tips about tools of the at-home business trade and appreciated Matt’s focus on open source (free).”

“This is an excellent book and must read for anyone working from home! It made me think about way I work from home and how to get better at it.”

Find Out Why You’re Underpaid Everyone wants more money. Few know how to get more of it. In this kit, you’ll learn my secrets for realizing your fullest earning potential.

Build Your "Virtual Resume" I offer every trick in the book for making you stand out in an increasingly crowded workforce. Leave all your preconceived notions at the door.

Grow Your Income Stream & Wealth Reliable income translates into long-term wealth. Find out how to leverage online work into a strategy for increasing your personal net worth.

Work from Home…in Sweats! Best of all, you’ll never have to leave your home office. I’ve done all this from home…and so can you! Go to store

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