Bootstrap Your Mage Business – Highly Successful Mage The Releases His Proven, Mage Practice Building System You Can Use To Quickly Generate Loads Of New Mage Clients — Even If You Have…

Bootstrap Your M age Business - Highly Successful M age The  Releases His Proven, M age Practice Building System You Can Use To Quickly Generate Loads Of New M age Clients — Even If You Have...

If you are an experienced m age the or are fresh out of m age school and are struggling to eke out a full-time income doing professional m age therapy then I have some good news for you.

Hi, my name is Michael Humphreys and I remember what it was like to be a brand-new m age the . It was 1993 and I was so excited to be starting my own business. I couldn’t wait to start helping countless people relieve their stress and get out of pain.

But as big as my dreams were — they were almost destroyed because I couldn’t find enough m age clients to earn a full-time living from doing m age right away.

I struggled for four long years, until I discovered the secret to building a profitable full-time m age business. Once I did, it didn’t take long. In fact, within three months, I was seeing 12 to 15 clients per week. And within six months, I was seeing 25 to 30 clients per week. Best of all, in less than a year I was making plans to start my m age therapy center which I did in January 1999.

I had that M age Center for 6 1/2 years and employed as many as seven additional m age the s and two administrative staff at the same time.

Eventually, I got the point where I grew tired of working 90 hour weeks and wanted a simpler life. I wanted to spend more time with my friends and family. My wife and I wanted to start a family. But both of those goals seemed almost impossible… because I was working all of the time!

It didn’t matter that the m age center was a profitable business. I had gotten to the point where I was so tired of working 6-7 days each week. So in early 2005, I decided to close that m age center and went back into private practice. But I wasn’t worried. Not for a single minute.

The simple truth is, I knew what marketing methods worked. I knew how to find new m age clients month after month. I knew how to keep my existing clients coming back again and again. I knew what promotions worked… and I knew what didn’t. So I knew exactly what I needed to do so I wouldn’t waste money trying to grow my m age business!

As cofounder of, I receive countless e-mails from m age the s all over the world. One day, I received an e-mail from a the who asked me how they could market their m age business if they had practically no money to market with?

I decided to make it a personal challenge. I wanted to come up with a complete marketing system that any m age the could use — even if they are starting with no money! I tested the system — using my own m age business as a testing guinea pig…

I tested free marketing methods… free advertising… different types of referral systems… and much more… Go to store

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